The W̱SÁNEĆ Ethnobotany Trail & Restoration Project is a partnership project between the PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱ Foundation and the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific (HCP).
HCP is located in HELEṈIḴEN, named for the headwaters of many tributaries in this area. This project is an amazing opportunity to educate visitors, students and community members in W̱SÁNEĆ territory about the cultural and ecological importance of native plants and ecosystems. 
This project emphasizes the incredible amount of work that has been accomplished in the natural areas at HCP and provides space to raise awareness about the role that functioning native ecosystems play in mitigating ecological challenges.
The project area consists of diverse and unique ecosystem types which offer a chance to explore important topics such as hydrology, ecological trail building, extirpated species regeneration, persistent invasive species removal, and the restoration of ecosystems that are likely to extend their ranges into our region due to climate change.
Beautifully designed and illustrated by artist Sarah Jim (, our signs along the trail allow visitors to educate themselves during self-guided tours. 
The foundation for this project is the deep acknowledgement of W̱SÁNEĆ knowledge keepers past and present who have stewarded these native plants and ecosystems since time immemorial.
Read the annual reports here:
2022 Report
2021 Report
2020 Report

Here's where you can find the Ethnobotany Trail:

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And check out our pamphlet (excerpt below) which details the amazing plants you'll find along the way:

WSANEC Ethnobotany Trail Pamphlet PDF

WSANEC Ethnobotany Trail_ excerpt