W̱SÁNEĆ & SENĆOŦEN Language Resources

Student and Parent SENĆOŦEN learning resource videos.


First Voices is "an online space for Indigenous communities to share and promote language, oral culture and linguistic history. Language teams work with elders to curate and upload audio recordings, dictionaries, songs and stories. This content is shared with community members or the broader public."


"This word list contains over 3300 SENĆOŦEN words in both the local SENĆOŦEN alphabet and in the common phonetic alphabet. Most of these words are associated with sound files. Click on a word and you may hear the SENĆOŦEN word pronounced by one of these speakers of SENĆOŦEN as their first language: Elsie Claxton†, Manson Pelkey†, Earl Claxton†, Chris Paul†, Dave Elliott†, Ivan Morris†, Ray Sam†, Anne Jimmy†, Richard Harry†, Lou Claxton, Lavina Charles."


  • SENĆOŦEN: A Dictionary of the Saanich Language by Timothy Montler -

hardcover available at some book retailers


  • Saltwater People: as told by Dave Elliott Sr. (1990) -

PDF available at https://wsanec.com, Hardcopy available at the UVic bookstore - https://www.uvicbookstore.ca/text/book/9780000105356?course_id=10022