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HÍSW̱ḴE HÁLE for your interest in volunteering with PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱!

The SṈIDȻEȽ Resiliency Project is always happy to host groups and classes to do restoration and learn about the cultural and ecological connections of this special place. Students can spend the day learning from W̱SÁNEĆ knowledge keepers while participating in the community effort to heal the lands surrounding the inlet. Learn more about this remarkable project and how to get involved here!

As for PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱ itself, since we are primarily located at a school we have to be very selective with our guests. The safety of children and youth is our highest priority! Sometimes we do need extra hands at our events, or keeping the garden at PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱ tended over summer… please feel free to connect with us if you would like to be added to our volunteer list. We may not always be able to respond due to the high volume of such requests we receive, however we appreciate every person who wishes to contribute to this important work.